We create opportunities for Credit Unions and Community Banks so that they can buy and sell First Mortgage Loans on a loan-by-loan basis.

Our mission is simple: help Credit Unions and Community Banks balance their portfolios according to their needs.

With the click of a mouse, Lenders can search loans based on LTV, Rate, Credit Score, Property Type, and Program.  First Heritage Mortgage Match was created with the understanding that a specialized market could enhance collaboration which would result in increased loan volume; managerial optimization; and improved risk management practices.

We understand the importance of privacy and integrity.  All communication is kept confidential until a partner decides to share the information with a potential match.

To diversify assets, generate interest income (at rates that are competitive with investments), and reduce excess liquidity, credit unions buy a percentage of a pool of loans offered by peers.

To increase liquidity and reduce the ratio of long-term loans in their portfolio, credit unions sell pools of loans to other credit unions.