What Is First Heritage MortgageMatch™?

The First Heritage MortgageMatch™ program is a premier Participation program that allows your Credit Union to purchase or sell loan participations either individual loans or loan pools. An originating Credit Union may sell up to 90% of the value of the loan, which creates an enormous opportunity for Credit Unions to both buy and sell mortgage loans, helping your institution to diversify your portfolios, generate income, and manage liquidity and interest rate risk.

Our program has been developed with a unique combination that provides customization based on your Credit Union’s ‘wants and needs’, coupled with a simplicity of use. The Digital MortgageMatch™ platform is extremely simple and easy to engage, allowing your Credit Union to enjoy the best possible user experience and ability to achieve success in participating loans.

Lenders can search the Digital MortgageMatch™ platform based on your specific participation interest or allow our team to consult with your Credit Union and identify exactly what you are looking for.

First Heritage MortgageMatch™ is created with the understanding that a premium, digital participation platform could enhance collaboration, which would positively result in increased loan volume, administrative optimization, and improved risk management practices.

We understand the importance of privacy and integrity. All communication is kept confidential until a partner decides to share the information with a potential match.

Benefits of First Heritage MortgageMatch™
  • Loan portfolio diversification
  • Balance sheet & liquidity management
  • Income opportunities
  • Risk reduction & compliance management
  • For mortgage loan sellers, this creates an opportunity to maintain member relationships while prudently managing the balance sheet
Benefits of Working with First Heritage
  • Unique understanding of credit unions, providing mortgage solutions for 100+ credit unions
  • More than 25 years of secondary market experience
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Personalized, confidential service.
  • Compliant participation agreements, including NCUA, GAAP and CECL adherence